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Demo III

DEMO III, supported by TARDEC and the U.S. Army Research Lab, is an experimental unmanned vehicle (XUV) testbed developed by General Dynamics Robotic Systems (GDRS) for the integration of advanced autonomous mobility technology. GDRS is proving the feasibility of Autonomous Mobility (AM) as part of a mixed military force containing both manned and unmanned vehicles in demonstrations over varied terrain.

The XUV, equipped with a GDRS-developed sensor package for perception and planning, is commanded by an operator through a Tactical Control Unit (TCU) equipped with a Warfighter-Machine Interface (WMI) that provides map display and analysis tools, mission planning and execution control tools, and Reconnaissance Surveillance Targeting and Acquisition (RSTA) displays and controls.

Live field experiments with the XUVs are an ongoing part of the GDRS robotics program. These tests have given Soldiers hands-on experience with autonomous mobility technology and provided our engineers with invaluable feedback about human factors issues and user needs, as well as developing AM solutions. The technology aboard Demo III has been put through its paces at several stages and has passed rigorous Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 tests in rolling, arid environments, vegetated terrains, and urban terrains.

Program Sponsor: Army Research Laboratory and Tank Automotive Research Development and Engineering Command

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