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Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance (RCTA)

General Dynamics Robotic Systems (GDRS) is the Lead Industrial Organization for the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliance.

The Robotics Alliance, comprised of industrial, academic, and government laboratory partners, identifies and investigates critical gaps in unmanned systems technology and develops and tests solutions that will enable an unmanned vehicle to observe its environment, orient itself, make decisions, and act in a way that effectively carries out its assigned mission.

The RCTA has advanced from initial development and assessment of autonomous mobility capability for military operations to transitioning foundational robotic technology to Army programs, such as VTI and ANS. Our goal is to enable unmanned vehicles to be co-combatants with teams of Soldiers in complex tactical environments. Key technologies emerging from RCTA research include advanced perception solutions; intelligent control and tactical behaviors algorithms; command, control, and communicate technologies, Soldier-Machine Interfaces, and a better understanding of workload and trust-in-automation issues.

A major dimension of RCTA research is integrating and testing our developing technology on experimental platforms so that our solutions can be proved before they are transitioned to other military partners. Our experimentation allows us to provide the military with the information necessary to design and develop future unmanned systems.

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